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A new layer of warmth for already warm products.

We’ve all been there – looking for a company to renovate a flat, paint the walls, insulate the building or whatever. It might get rough, or even bizarre, more often wrapped up with a line of curses than a hymn of praise. These are the facts of life for this sector and no one is the wiser.

But there’s an exception to each rule. What if there is a company who takes professionalism to be their defining factor? The brand’s owner is a construction expert form Poznan Technical University that is simultaneously a fountain of ideas, an architecture freak, a leader of his specialist team. For us, he’s a dictionary definition of the word „precise”. The only way to wrap all this passion up is to call it Fix-it and create an image that communicates all that clearly.

Logo Projekt Fix-it
Logo Wizualizacja Fix-it
Branding Logo Fix-it
Branding Logo Fix-it
Branding Logo Koszulki Fix-it
Branding Logo Fix-it
Branding Logo Strona internetowa Fix-it
Branding Logo Auto Fix-it